May 16, 2013

Dancehall star Shaggy bearly recognized by new Generation - replacing major lazer on a show

In a report from it was pointed out that ..In a performance that will conjure nostalgic memories of the early 2000s, Jamaican-American singer Shaggy will replace electronic music duo Major Lazer at this weekend’s Green Key concert. At the show, he will perform alongside rapper ASAP Rocky after Major Lazer dropped out for a last-minute commitment in France last week. While many students were surprised by the choice, those interviewed said they were excited to revisit some of the hits Shaggy released during their childhoods. Shaggy’s website and Facebook page confirm his May 17 performance on Gold Coast lawn. Programming Board, however, declined to comment on Shaggy’s selection. Shaggy, born Orville Richard Burrell, is a former Marine who fought on the frontlines in the Persian Gulf War. His stage name was inspired by his shaggy hair and the name of Scooby-Doo’s companion in the popular animated cartoon franchise. Shaggy is primarily known for his hit song “It Wasn’t Me” (2000) and won a Grammy in 1996 for his album “Boombastic.” Two of his songs reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart and “Hot Shot” (2000) was certified six times platinum in the United States. Matt Garczynski ’14 was surprised Programming Board chose an artist who he has not heard mentioned in over a decade. “He’s not relevant, he’s way in the past,” Garczynski said. “But it’ll still be fun in the way it would be if they brought back a band like Blink-182.” Garczynski said Shaggy still has name recognition and will make for an interesting pairing with rapper ASAP Rocky. Since Shaggy played a “significant part” in her childhood, Kelsey Sipple ’16 said she is excited to feel nostalgic about the past. Many students interviewed also did not know much about the singer. Jacob Savos ’16 said he was unfamiliar with Shaggy. “I don’t know who he is, but I’m sure he’ll still be a good addition to the show,” Savos said. “I think the majority of people will definitely like his style of music. All the reactions I’ve seen have been very positive and people have been very excited.” Maya Herm ’13 said Shaggy is an upgrade from last year’s Green Key weekend, when Programming Board did not host an official concert. Herm said she thinks Shaggy is a bigger name than Major Lazer. Myles McMurchy ’16 said Shaggy’s style might not appeal to all students. “I think he will appeal less than Major Lazer because Major Lazer is at the forefront of the dance and electronica music that is really popular right now, whereas Shaggy is a reggae artist, which is not as mainstream,” he said. McMurchy added that he thinks Shaggy’s music is “a lot of fun” and the student body will have as much fun watching Shaggy perform as they would at a Major Lazer performance. Shaggy is credited with making reggae music more accessible to the American public at the turn of the century. By 2001, his album “Hotshot” reached the top of the charts over albums from major artists, including Jennifer Lopez and The Beatles. Rolling Stone magazine’s David Fricke called Shaggy “Dancehall reggae’s genial ambassador” in 1997. Shaggy’s 2002 and 2005 albums failed to garner as much commercial success as his previous efforts. Recently, he has been focusing on live performances and concerts over making albums. Shaggy will perform at 7 p.m. on Friday on Gold Coast lawn.

May 14, 2013

Jamaica former Prime Minister Bruce Golding and Canadian Navy clash on High Seas

It was recently reported by AFP that Canada's navy was red-faced Wednesday after it was revealed that two of its warships had an embarrassing brush with Jamaica's former prime minister on a fishing trip in the latter's own waters last year. Canadian naval reservists were participating in an American-led anti-drug trafficking operation in the Caribbean when they intercepted former Jamaican premier Bruce Golding's fishing trawler on March 27, 2012. HMCS Goose Bay and HMCS Kingston pulled up alongside what Jamaican officials recently described to Canadian media as a vessel with "a retired senior political figure on board." They also said the warships were in Jamaican waters without permission or knowledge. Golding, an avid fisherman who was prime minister from 2007 to 2011, meanwhile confirmed to radio station Nationwide 90FM that he was the official who had the run-in with the Canadian navy. During the encounter, one of the maritime coast defense vessels reportedly fired its weapons. But Golding said he was not harassed, nor searched. He told Nationwide 90FM that a small inflatable speedboat carrying 10 men was dispatched from one of the warships and "came directly alongside me, at which time I discovered that they appeared to be foreigners, they were all white people... and they were all in uniform." The Canadian military was not immediately available for comment. But officials told Postmedia News the warships had been mistakenly operating in Jamaican territorial waters, and blamed the error on outdated navigational charts that "did not accurately reflect the territorial waters of Jamaica." amc/adm

Dec 31, 2011

Beyonce had her Baby...girl?

As the buzz around Beyonce and Jay-Z’s first born begins to heat up, new reports claimed the “Single Lady” singer gave birth yesterday to a baby girl name Tiana-May Carter.
Urban gossip site MediaTakeOut first broke the rumors on Wednesday (December 28), claiming that Beyonce booked out an entire floor at the luxury St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital in New York City ahead of her arrival.
According to MTO, a nurse at the hospital confirmed the story, stating that they are expecting a high profile celebrity.
The couple has not confirmed the rumors.